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A Tale In the Making: A Berethian's Tale

A Berethian's Tale tackles the question, "What if immortality was the norm?" Utilizing adventure, romance, intrigue and humor against a medieval fantasy setting makes the tale entertaining and hopefully thought provoking.

I write in short bursts with sometimes months in between (RL bites). Some of the chapters are pulled from old writings that take place in AD&D's Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting [tm]. The plot will be pulled into my world Bereth as time permits.. (So to the lawyers at TSR inc. 'Don't get your undies in a bind or pay me to keep those portions in Faerun'.) Also confusing the future plot is utilization of The Kateryn Forest, a geography and political area developed for the newsgroup alt.dragons.inn (but apparently too involved for effective use in a larp), so I am in the process of bringing the geography and characters home to Bereth.

This is a writing 'in progress' so the links between the different books and chapters may seem obscure at best. Many chapters and stories will be completely re-arranged or even deleted before I have the Tale I envision.

FYI: I am not adverse to collaboration, however I do insist upon retaining 'DM' privilege over my world.. There will be in the end 'a point' to this tale, which to me is far more important than the tale itself.


A standard Berethian text for the newly awakened re-born

The Olequetta

The Elvish version of the Berethian tale of Creation

Current Chapter One last update: 4/16/96

The latest Chapter one

Previously Corelolyn was to be a 'stock' character in a TSR[tm] style novel in the Forgotten Realms many of the characters and plot devices will be transported to Bereth and away from the 10th level lawyers at TSR inc.

TSR Chapter One

TSR Chapter Two

TSR Chapter Three

TSR Chapter Four

The second evolution of the tale took place in the newsgroup alt.dragons.inn what follows are the characters and story that evolved around Coreolyn while he was there. I mapped out the campaign area and created a list of characters. Then I promplty ran into too much RL to run the durn campaign or finish writing the tale..

Book 2 Chapter One

Book 2 Chapter 2

Book 2 Chapter 3

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