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A Reiteration for Damonized Citizens

By order of King Kalerien in the year 36755

Last updated in the Year of Triumph 38896

The King, in his wisdom, has seen the need for the peoples of Bereth to have available to them a reintroduction to life outside the normal religous damosaic rites. This then is a primer compiled by order of King Kalerien to help you to understand your new beginning. It is written with as little religous bias as possible in a deliberate effort to allow you to come to your own conclusions about the powers that surround you.

You have achieved damos and lost your past life memories. Congratulations, a fresh start is it's own reward. You are filled with the warmth of purity, and innocence can be seen upon your visage. While most enjoy your calming presence, still other's hate you for lives you have lived that you no longer recall.

You currently feel great emotions in you. They arise as memories of having been physically attached to others you may have met at your birthspot. You may even have been confused when it was explained to you that those memories were not real. Many things about the area around you are familiar. Yet you cannot clearly recall why.

You need not feel anxious. All Berethians expirience these memories at rebirth. The King's scholars have reports of only six Berethians that are reborn under developed. They contain similar bodies to those that exist in pre birth memories, but more often than not still carry the burden of many lives in their under developed bodies.

Many dispute what, where, and how we came to be. Only the ancient elves have ceased to be reborn in there birthspots. Therefore, a majority of people see their ancient writings as containing elements of truths. Unfortunately the exzact nature of those truths are highly and somtimes violently disputed. Probably the most difficult decision the council had to make was whether or not to include the ancient elven text known as The Olequetta in this primer. Although portions of it appear in one form or another in most every religous text, it was many lives before the King's council decided to include it as an addendum. The King insisted that it be pointed out that the nature and content of the text is highly disputed.

You are Coadell Mundealyn, in the expirience more commonly referred to as Bereth.

At the time of this writing the year is 38896. The Year Of Triumph. It has been so named as the King's efforts to give all life hope against the evils of Belegrath, The Black Priest, have found much recent success. No scholar can accurately determine the year the first lives began on Bereth.

For many lifetimes, time served no purpose. As men and elves assembled together, and began to trade amongst the different lands, tracking of time became necessary. The Time Council of The Great First Year created a calender of 10 months. Each month consists of four tenday periods known as weeks. Many cultures have created there own devices and terms for periods less than a day.

The most common terms are:

Dawn: when the turquois glow of the waters changes to a golden hue.

Midday: an approximation of the middle of the golden light period.

Evenning: when the golden hue gives way to the turquois glow.

Midnight: another approximation of the middle of the turquois glow period.

As your lifetimes again accumulate, you will be irresistably drawn to find a purpose to existance. Many proven Aspects of Eali, also called 'Gods', will fill this purpose for you. The price for acceptance of purpose is the involvement in the affairs of gods, which leads many to violent deaths. Most probably your last death was violent and you carried many past lives in your memory. This combination more often than not seems to trigger damos.

Many refer to Damos as a place located in the midsts of the converging water's of the sky with the Lamanteel Ocean. Many believe that in the midsts of the water's is the land where the ancient elves now live. However, none but the spirits of the ancient elves and a few who claim to have memories of the damotion expirience have confirmed this as fact. Some choose to believe the spirits, other's choose to disbelieve the nature of the strange unliving creatures, and the accuracy of the memories. Most call the land Damos to avoid engaging in the argument of the ancient elves existance. Those that believe in the ancients privately call the land Quintanyr amongst themselves.

The council has intentionally omitted a description of the Aspects of Eali as it was clear that achieving consensus upon the descriptions of the Aspects would be virtually impossible. The council would only agree that greater powers exist. Beyond that they felt in their wisdom it was for you to discover the nature of those powers.

Not long after The Great First Year a gathering of powerful trader's from all over the lands gathered in the City of Epal, in the Lands of Azelnuth in the high mountains of southwest Bereth. They began The First Commision, where matter's of trade were standardized for all the lands and peoples. Their coin weights have remainded to this day as the standard of trade. Many recall a fluxuation in the given value of any given coin.

The following are the names and values to associated with those coins:

1 Zeal = 2 Breakers = 10 Wags = 200 pipers = 2400 Ryks = 48000 Corns

1Wags = 20 pipers = 240 Ryks = 4800 Corns

1 piper = 12 Ryks = 240 Corns

1 Ryk = 12 Corns

Corn = a 1/10 pound lead piece

Ryk = a 1/10 pound copper piece

Piper = a 1/10 pound silver piece

Wag = a 1/10 pound gold piece

Breaker = a 1/2 pound gold piece

Zeal = 1 pound gold piece

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