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The Olequetta

		{A Kylean translation of an Ancient Elvish Tome}
Coadell Mundealyn

Before the beginning there was Eali. Eali desired to give, thus Eali became the beginning. First created were the heavens and the inumerable Thatise. Given unto the Thatise was the purpose to make full all of creation, so that Eali could give unto it.

Eali divided the creation into chasm's of void and set out the Thatise to make full creation by each of the Thatise filling the chasm's as they saw fit. They had but one purpose, to make all creations ready to receive of Eali's Gift of timelessness. All creations incapable of recieving The Gift of Eali would perish with the end of time.

The Thatise creations were of beauty and ugliness, joy and pain, love and hatred, praise and despair, all of the other infinate aspects of Eali.

With the beginning came the confines of time, and eventually all the chasm's of creations were filled, but one.

* * * * *

Thatise Coadell stared into the abyss. The abyss was the only space not yet filled by creation. It was the only obstacle to The Fufillment of Eali. Coadell knew that if he did not use this chasm for his creaton, another would. He stood guard over it's virginity for millenia upon millenia pondering purpose, need, and destiny. All about him the other of the Thatise had filled the Innumerable Chasm's of Void with prolific cause, yet to Coadell their creations seemed without purpose.

Eventually the time came when Coadell was forced to either make use of the abyss or give it over to another. The Purpose of Eali could not be stopped simply for a reluctant Thatise. Despair filled Coadell as he still had not a completed vision.

The inumerable Thatise crowded about him pushing Coadell to the very edge of the void. They were eager that the abyss be filled that all creation would receive the gift of Eali.

But Coadell could not give up this void as it was his Purpose. To give his purpose to another would leave him as vacant as the void. He stared desperately at the one who made the the strongest claim, after himself, to the abyss -- Azellius. Azellius made wonders of marvelous beauty that all Thatise agreed would most surely please Eali.

* * * * *

Of the Thatise that were witness to what happenned next, there arose a great dispute. Some say that Coadell lept into the void out of despair. Others claim, that Azelius pushed Coadell into the abyss. Yet other's claim that Coadell simply fell.

A few of the Thatise claimed to see the beginnings of a creation within the void while Coadell fell, but Azelius quickly began to throw inspirations into the abyss and none were certain.

* * * * *

So it was that Coadell transformed into a large pyramid and upon its base tears became a great water. The water not only filled the base of the pyramid, but also arose from its borders in impenaterable walls that arched from each side to met above the center of the base, where it fell back unto the waters in the center of the base.

* * * * *

Upon Azelius's completion of the last casm's of creation, the innumerable Thatise sang glory to Eali and awaited the giving of his gift. Eali came to give unto the chasm's of creation void and the was much celebration and love for it, but Eali came to the last the chasm and looked to his Thatise, " How can this be the last creation? There is a part of me missing yet."

The Thatise grew fearful of Eali's wrath. Looking unto Azelius's final creation Eali filled with pleasure as he reached into the chasm and pulled out the Pyramid that was Coadell. Upon it Eali gave his gift. Gently he laid it back into the chasm.

So it was that Eali left the Thatise without completetion, Azelius's final creation a lifeless scar upon the beauty of Eali. The Thatise were without the gift of Eali. They were not destroyed yet they were now without purpose.

Azelius's was outraged and humiliated. Long he argued the nature of Eali. He reasoned that the Thatise were Eali incarnate. He further reasoned that if any of them were destoyed they would destroyed that Aspect within Eali. Azelius and many other Thatise set out destroy the Aspect of Coadell.

But not all the Thatise agreed with Azelius. They saw it fitting that creation should be as such, and accepted the pain of incompletion to their purpose as they did the scar of the non-gifted creation of Azelius. The dispute raised such a clamor that all creations shook, disturbing Eali. Eali's wrath was such that all many of the chasms were destroyed. Eali plucked the creation that was Coadell from the void and held it up to the Thatise.

"Fools! Creation and Destruction are but my affair. This is an Aspect I love beyond all others. Cherish it."

New arguments grew amongst the Thatise as to the purpose of the creation that was Coadell. Some live as though Coadell is their only purpose, though many despaired. The will of those that did not disapair became as gods unto the creation of Coadell.

Coadell is the gift and many seek to learn the Gifts secrets. Though virtually powerless Coadell contains what the Thatise desire -- Unending purpose.

So it is within Coadell that we cannot be destroyed, yet are powerless. As it is, and always shall be.

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